Author: stuart.sowerby

  • Grading Day March 2022

    Grading Day March 2022

    Today was a grading for a lower belts, up to purple (4th Kyu). They all did very well!

  • 2022 Training

    2022 Training

    A taster of a typical training session as PSKO!

  • Outdoor Training 2020

    Outdoor Training 2020

    While many dojo’s closed in the first year of the COVID pandemic, PSKO continued with a summer of outdoor socially distanced training! We even fit in a lower belt grading and kata competition!

  • Grading Day March 2020

    Grading Day March 2020

    Grading on International Woman’s Day! Here at the PSKO we have just as many girls as boys; “There are no boys and no girls in the Dojo! We are all students.”  Today we witnessed that Fire Phoenix Spark! Confidence, Breathing, Strength, Movement, Power – this combination coming together to invoke that inner Karate Spirit needed…

  • UKA London Open Competition 2020

    UKA London Open Competition 2020

    2020 got off to a great start with our first tournament of the year, the UKA London Open, coming away with a gold, silver and two bronze medals for Kata and Kumite! This was the first tournament for most of the students and they did us proud!

  • 2020 Training

    2020 Training

    Photos from a typical class at PSKO covering the main principles of Kihon (basics), Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring).