Grading Day March 2020

Grading on International Woman’s Day!

Here at the PSKO we have just as many girls as boys; “There are no boys and no girls in the Dojo! We are all students.” 

Today we witnessed that Fire Phoenix Spark! Confidence, Breathing, Strength, Movement, Power – this combination coming together to invoke that inner Karate Spirit needed to progress into the higher Kyu levels.

Very well done to all those that Graded today. Very proud of you all.


UKA London Open Competition 2020

2020 got off to a great start with our first tournament of the year, the UKA London Open, coming away with a gold, silver and two bronze medals for Kata and Kumite! This was the first tournament for most of the students and they did us proud!


2020 Training

Photos from a typical class at PSKO covering the main principles of Kihon (basics), Kata (forms) and Kumite (sparring).